Individual pass joining with a group of people who have group pass- seat reservations

  • 26 May 2023
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I am an individual who won a pass and I had a group of 5 friends who have also won a group pass. 

Because I didn´t want to go on my own, I have decided to go with them, having already paid for all of our Airbnbs. My question is if I will have to face any constraints regarding seat reservations ( having to be in a different place than their group or having to pay more) or regarding trips ( a trip that they are in is fully booked and I will have ot take another train all by myself). Apart from that, I would be tremendously thankful if you could give me any information regarding an individual person joining another group!



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As reservations are totally separate from the passes, you can make the reservations together.

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If they have booked their seats, it will be complicated to sit together but sometimes you can specify a seat number you’d like.

If they haven’t booked their seats yet, it is very easy : make one booking for the six of us. It is recommended to avoid to book seats : 2€ booking fee per person per train + sometimes more expensive. Check :