Info on interrail app OR Raileurope website which one is correct?

  • 27 January 2024
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I have been looking on Rail Europe for trains - and the information is different on this website than on the interrail app. 

Train from Bruxelles-midi to Koeln Hbf 24th July 2024 16.23 arr 18.15. I am struggling to get a Eurostar seat booking for this. So looking at trains without seat bookings:

On the interrail it states you go to Liege-Guillemins with ICE 317 first, and then to AachenHbf and then Koeln Hbf

on Rail Europe ICE 317 is a direct train to Koeln Hbf and I do not need a seat reservation.

Do you know which is correct??? Very different trains?


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For sure don't follow Interrail planner, it is bad and unreliable. You're also a bit early for July timetables.

ICE trains run direct from Brussels to Cologne. Reservations are mandatory this summer due to frequent overcrowding -> 3€ through ÖBB or 4.90€ through DB incl. seat map. Tickets/reservations will be released on 30th January according to DB.

Eurostar trains on the same route have a 27€ mandatory reservation and there's a passholder quota. Honestly avoid them (unless travelling straight from Paris to Cologne).

Follow this general guide for reservations :

OMG Thank you so much for responding so quickly. This is so helpful.

So I have just gone onto OBB and it is allowing me to book a seat reservation on there!  So this is what I need - but I just need to check that this is applicable with interail pass ticket?


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Yes, that is the correct reservation, German trains (except those crossing into France) have no special passholder reservations so you pay the same as anyone else would.

Amazing both of you. Thank you so much for your help. I will be avoiding the interrail info now, other than needing the Eurostar back to the UK. I would buy you a drink if I could, you have saved me a whole load of faff. 🙋🏼