Intercity Brussels Lille

  • 19 July 2023
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DB has an IC Brussels-Lille listed today. Is that a new connection? Would it be usable with an Interrail pass? Strangely, neither SNCB nor SNCF list that train.



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5 replies

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Seems like a mistake. That’s an ordinary TGV they probably programmed wrongly in the databases.

Reservation free IC routes Lille-Brussels go via Kortrijk/Courtrai or Tournai.

Yes I know about the "usual" routes without TGV, that's why I was stunned to see this one.

Figured out that it's likely a messed up entry in DB's system. There's a Eurostar with same departure and train number. Too bad.


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The rail planners of Interrail/Eurail also had some issues with this lately. Some bad entries in the underlying MERITS system are probably the cause, if DB has this too.

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NS International also show this train Brussels-Lille so it looks very much like a data problem in MERITS. Maybe it will be solved by the Friday (early) morning update.