Interrail getting sick during outbound and inbound

  • 19 March 2023
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Hi interail
I am going to get some vaccinations done a couple days before my trip. I was worried if I get sick due to this what would happen if I can’t take the train out of the uk during my reserved train journey, can I take a train another day even if a reservation has been made but the journey was not completed?
As I have heard you are only allowed 2 travel days in your own country.

Thanks for any help,


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3 replies

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Make sure you don’t activate your journey until just before you board your train, There’s no need to do it any earlier. Then it won’t use up a travel day.

This is separate from any reservations you might have made. Reservations and the travel diary don’t have any effect on each other.

amazing thanks!

I was also wondering if i decide to fly out instead. can i use my 2 days in my country at the end of my trip?

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Yes. You can use them at any time.