Is a seat reservation really mandatory on this train ?

  • 23 July 2022
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I need to catch the INT 480 train from Rijeka to Budapest tomorrow, the intarrail application says the seat reservation is mandatory, the interrail website won’t let me get a seat reservation, I contacted customer support and they redirected me to the Hungarian railway website, but I could not book a seat reservation alone, it only let me buy ticket+Seat reservation (even if I checked the box that said I already have a ticket/pass). From the Hungarian website it seems a though a reservation is not mandatory, as when you buy a ticket it asks weather or not you want to reserve a seat, but the interrail application says it is. So which is it ? How can I get a seat reservation ?

PS: I know this is last minute, I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a while but customer service is slow and the websites unclear.


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The train company that runs this train MAV Start, says that Reservation is not compulsory (when the R is not in a rectangle).

You should be able to reserve this also at the train station in Croatia. 

Thank you, yes I already tried the train station but the lady at the ticket booth couldn’t do anything and told me to ask the train manager when the train arrives. But if the reservation is not mandatory then it’s not a problem. I would have preferred to reserve a seat anyway, but it not being mandatory is good enough. Thank you so much for your help.