Is it a problem if somebody else uses your eurostar booking

  • 17 June 2022
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For exceedingly convoluted reasons my group has a eurostar ticked booked for my interail pass which, due to changes in schedule, I won’t be able to use but another man who’s on the trip will be able to use it. Will he be able to use my booking at the station? If not would it be possible to transfer the booking to him?


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2 replies

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The name on the reservation is often not very important. The main thing is that you have a reservation for the correct fare and that the details on the Interrail pass itself match with your passport.

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From where?

Reports tell that from LON at least there are no real checks if names correspond to actual traveller-but its a risk-if there is some accident again and they tighten the rules, you may very well be out of luck.

It is evident that the actual traveller also needs to have it in their trip-report