Is it possible to board a train that requires a seat reservation even without a reservation?

  • 4 July 2022
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Hello community, just one question. Is it possible to board a train that requires a seat reservation even without a reservation? The latter secures a seat or bed, but I would be fine with standing. is it possible to even just stand on the train, or do they really not let me on if I haven't made a reservation? Thank you!


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It will depend on the country and train, In most places there are no boarding controls so it may be possible to board but on reservation compulsory trains in countries where non-reservation travel is not allowed you may be ejected at an intermediate station or even face a legal demand for money from train officials.


Tell us where and when you want to travel and you may get a more useful response.

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At least in Sweden that is not recommended to board a train without reservation if the train has mandatory reservation. You will have to leave the train if you are caught. 

Thank you very much. I want to go from Italy to Prague, but every train seems to be full. I’d choose this one:

Do you think it is too hard to board on these trains that require seats reservation without the reservation?

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Take 16.43 Milan Central - Lugano 18.04


18.30 Lugano - Zurich 20.27


19.01 Lugano - Zurich 20.55

none of which require reservations and give a better margin for delays than a 13 min connection in Zurich.


The 21.40 Zurich - Prague is bookable on OBB site but it shows it as being a rail replacement bus at 06.52 from Linz - Donau with rail from there to Prague.

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OVernight trains ALWAYS must be reserved-also for seat-only and can easily be done via (use full ticket-then choose discount as pass- NOT use ´seat only´ option)-price is 14/15€ for seat. These replacem. buses are free to use-they probably dump you at some spot where the rails are in order agin for onward.