Is it possible to upgrade a 2nd class OBB reservation to business clas?

  • 4 August 2023
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Looking at buying an interrail pass for a long journey. The eurostar 1st class is all sold out and the rest of the journey will be sleeper, so there’s only part of the journey (Zurich to Wörgl) that I would to take business class.

Can I purchase 2nd clas reservations and then buy an upgrade? From 2nd to 1st, then pay the 15 euro supplement for business.

The difference in interrail pass classes (£180) is cheaper than buying this ticket separately (£310) so cheaper for me to get the 1st class pass than buying it separately, but if I could have 2nd class and an upgrade, that would be better. 


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Upgrade is the difference between 2nd class standard fare tickets and 1st class standard fare tickets of ÖBB.

To use Business Class you need to pay 15€ on top. You get better seats than in first class and a drink in Austria.

Keep in mind that reservations on Railjet are optional but on some routes highly reccomended. To Italy there is a additional fee to pay on Railjet.

Reservations are 3€/train. For free with a first class pass on trains with optional reservations by booking via ÖBB the reservations.

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So it’s possible to upgrade the interrail reservation to 1st class? or only if I have 2nd class tickets? If so, how do I do that?