Is RailEurope reliable ?

  • 16 March 2024
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I want to make reservations for TGV in France and Eurostar from Paris to Amsterdam.

I’ve seen that the Eurostar can be booked through the website of the SNCB but unfortunaly TGV can’t be and it is not possible on the website of the SNCF neither.

But I’ve seen that both can be booked through RailEurope but I wanted to be sure I could trust the website since it is not from any national carrier and that I will not have tickets that are not valid when I board the train or something like that. Does anyone have ever used this website ? And additionnaly do they charge a booking fee and how much ?

Thank you very much


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3 replies

Ok thank you for your replies, I will book on this website then.

I've seen that TGV are supposed to be bookable through b-europe but it didn't show any train for my research. But if there is a fee i will rather use RailEurope 

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Rail Europe is a reliable website and it works well. No booking fees and you can see the attributed seats before paying (aka if they do not fit your wishes, you can redo another booking). I’ve used it myself.

TGVs could be booked through B-Europe (but another link), however there’s still a 4€ booking fee.

It has a long history (,_Inc.) and has been the international business unit of national french carrier SNCF until 2022. 

There are no booking fees for Interrail reservations. 

BTW: It's possible to book TGV reservations with b-europe, too. But it's more expensive.