It does work if you follow advice

  • 19 August 2022
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At last after 2 years we get to use our pass.

Plans made moths ago  reservations via IR, Oebb and DB as soon as available and app tested and disabled until today.

Flew to Catania from UK and 2 nights in Syracuse. 

Printout of reservation for 1010 for Syracuse to Salerno in hand and passes activated. Journey added from trip.

We boarded and set off on time. Ticket inspector scanned passes and looked a bit lost. Came back with colleague and asked to see tickets again. Started to reopen app and then he saw the reservation printout on table

Immediate calm and off they went.

Highlight was the last boat train crossing in Europe.

8 hours plus and arrived bang on time.


1 reply

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Forgot to mention the fully charged phone in case power on train wasn't working - it wasn't......