​​​​​​​It is so complicated to make a reservation with the interrail pass for the greek islands!

  • 11 July 2022
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Dear community, i am very upset😡. We bought the Greek Island Pass 6 days, long time ago in orther to planify our holidays with time and to avoid complications.  From more than 4 weeks😥 we are trying to make a reservation using our pass with the only company that has service to Lemnos (Blue Star Ferries🚢). We phoned several times, it’s very difficult to be attended and almost impossible to make the reservation with the pass, when we finally thought it was done, but they made only the booking for the car 😨(obviously not included on the pass) the reservation for us was for an other day! When we finally could cancelled it we couldn’t make another reservation for the day that we have our car, maybe just our car will go on holiday. The problem is that by phone they say that our pass is not valid for the 5th of August, out of date they say😳 (it is for one month and we start on the 3 of August!!) online it is impossible to.  They told us to talk with Interrail. We sent more mails to the ferry company and we are still waiting. 12 days ago we asked  Interrail for help, 12 days without an answer, just a general message saying they have a lot of work and we will have to wait. 
What should we do? We are afraid there will not be seats for this day, and we will not have holidays on the island as we planned a long time ago. And we still have two more days for travelling by ferry 😨

It is so complicated to make a reservation with the interrail pass for the greek islands!

2 replies

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Well over 95% of locals still only buy their ferry tickets (if not with car/home and all that) on the day at the port. Which indicates that it cannot reasonably be so full weeks ahead. More or less same-same for boats to Balearics -also becse flites are now so plentiful and cheap.  GR is notorious for being late and mixing things up-thats the joys of travel why people go there=national customs.

Well we have already search for a rout and was full so better to reserve on time, the problem is not with how some people think the greeks are (it is not like you describe) the problem is that we bought a pass and the company that has to help us to solve the problem (Interrail) is doing nothing, neither the ferry company, and maybe we will lose our ticket for the day that we want to travel.