Italy 1st class reservation for 2nd class ticket

  • 19 May 2022
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similar to others, I have received 1st class reservations for my 2nd class interrail ticket for italy. Unfortunately, the trip starts in Switzerland, which makes it impossible to change them at a ticket office. I already contacted you (interrail support) and didn’t received an reply since two days. I also contacted trenitalia via phone. They said that they are not able to exchange the ticket and that I definitely cannot take the train with that reservation. He also mentioned that it won’t be possible to ask the on-board staff for a change of that reservation.


Hope someone can help me. I don’t want to buy a second reservation, obviously, and don’t want to stand with my child in Zürich in the end without a possibility to continue our travel.





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This happens quiet often via Interrail reservation service. With an 2nd class Eurail Pass you are not allowed to use 1st class without paying the difference between 1st and 2nd. 

Also you can change it at the ticket office in the station or the last minute “Freccie” kiosk in bigger stations. They will change it without fees for you (but only if free seats are left in 2nd class), or in case this is not possible, ask before before boarding the train directly Trenitalia train staff. They can find a solution for you. 

Ask also directly Interrail Costumer Service


For the next time, book your reservation for Italian trains and for trains IT-CH via ÖBB - - one way ticket - discount: Interrail/Eurail Global Pass. (11€ EC (CH-IT), 10€ Freccie and EC(IT), 3€ IC)

Hey Angelo,

thanks for your pasting your reply -- looks like you didn’t read my original post.


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Sorry @maxmax ,


I know that other users got changed the reservation in the last minute Freccie and IC kiosk at bigger train stations of Trenitalia. But in your case the problem is that your train starts in Switzerland. Till Chiasso (if you take the train from Zürich) or till Brig/Domodossola from Geneve, Bern or Basel you don’t need a reservation, go take a seat in 2nd class and ask the swiss train conductors what to do at the ticket control. If they say they can do anything, than say that you will travel only to the border station. In Chiasso or Domodossola ask directly the Trenitalia staff if they can help you or take from the border a regional express train to Milan without needing a reservation. 

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What I would do in your situation:

If you are going to travel within this and 1 month, book a seat via the OEBB website. And file a complaint with interrail customer service because they provided you with a ticket for the transfer with the wrong class.


If you do not have to travel immediately, wait for the answer from the interrail customer service, due to the wrong ticket delivered.


Know that customer service is overloaded with many messages, so they reply much later than usual.