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  • 17 February 2024
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Normally an ic train runs from Lille Flandres to Kortrijk. But when I look on different site I do not find it for Sunday 12 May, the Sunday before and after the trains are just online. I wonder if there is an error in system, or there are just no IC trains that Sunday? Where could I find this info back? 

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6 replies

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I can see the hourly trains at xx.09 on that day.

Which site are you looking at?


Book your international train tickets | SNCB International (

Which site are you looking at? I first looked at the nmbs site but when i click further to buy tickets they are gone on the other site, but sunday before and after are oke?!

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I was wondering that i better book like the tgv from Lille europe to Brussels that day (i live near Brussels) instead, it is stupid money when i can go through Kortrijk, but is harder when there is no train back.


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Probably some uncertainty in the planner due to works. If you decide go for the tgv. You better buy ordinary TGV tickets, instead of making seat reservations with Interrail. Ordinary tgv tickets Lille - Brussels are about 19 eur. Cheaper than the seat reservations with Interrail. 

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You can also travel via Tournai of course.

Regular TGV tickets are almost always available for €19. No need to decide right now.