London to Bruges first week of Jan 2023

  • 8 November 2022
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Hi All,


First time traveller to Europe and looking forward to it very much with my wife in January, We have purchased a global pass and i am looking to book the train from London to Bruges, but it looks like the timetable for Bruges trains in the first week of January are not currently available, 

Does anyone have an idea when tehy will be loaded and available in the system? or should we not worry and just reserve our spot on the London to Brussels train for now and do the Brussels to Bruge later

Thank all for your help in advance

Brenton & Sharon


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Will be very much samesame as now-the main timetable change in all of EUR on 11/12.

YOu likely know have to RES that €*.

Can choose 2 routings:

untill BRUssel and then NMBS=Belg rail half-hourly IC train (To Oostende or Blankenberge, both beachtowns), takes 50 mins, also stops Gent (which many claim to be just as scenic and less touristy but more lively as Brug).

Untill LIlle in FR-walk over to other station, hourly NMBS train to Kortrijk-change, hourly tr to Brug-takes about 90 mins, ev hour same minutes. All these Belg trains cannot even be RES

A pass for just this return will not pay off-unless you also count very long and in the super-expensive peaks inside GB links. IF you are >65, NMBS offers very cheap day returns between any 2 points (NOT out of BE!!) for 7,20, not before 9.00 mo-fr, buy fro machine.

Somewhere I´ve seen that this €* will TODAY offer a big sale-check that! 

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Additional hint: just read that Brugge Xmas market will last till 8/1 in the new Yr! These things seem to be favorite among the Brits and their dependencies, so take advantage.

In the country where these were once invented-Germany of course, they all very much close before Xmas.

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At this stage you can simply book the Eurostar to Brussels or Lille. The connections from both do not need reservations and there are plenty of trains direct from Brussels to Bruges



You will need to get a Pass Cover Number - can be done online.




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The new schedule for Belgium will be available in about 1,5 week. Then check this website for your trains Brussels-Bruges (or the B-europe one). The interrail app doesn’t update regularly enough to catch these updates immediatly.

Domestic trains in Belgium are not reserveable. Only high-speed international traffic is reserveable in Belgium. The rest of the trains is just hop in and go. 3 Trains every hour from the three big Brussels’ station to Bruges, about every 20 minutes, even more during evening peak-hours.

If that’s the only trip you’re going to make, don’t buy a pass. Just buy ordinary Eurostar tickets with an “any Belgian station” ticket.

If it’s just the starting point for your European railtour, glad to help for any further questions and other less obvious suggestions than Bruges in Belgium. Either way, you should reserve your Eurostar as soon as you can.

Hi BrendanDB & Yorkie, 


After spending the day making reservations really grateful for your responses as they have really helped me get my head around how to go to other sites when things dont work to get seat reservations done


As we say in Australia ...I owe you a beer!