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  • 8 August 2023
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Newbie here: My husband and I are travelling to Europe May 2024. We think we need a 4 or 5 day global pass for our plans but would love some feedback and direction on the best way to manage the trains as we have never before had a holiday that included trains. We need to leave Lisbon by train on the 21/5/2024 to get to to Sarlat de Caneda in France by 24/5/2024.  Hoping that's possible because I can't see any other option except to go via Madrid.  We are 74 and 75 years old and would like to travel first class and a sleeper if there is one. We are initially travelling from Australia. We really will appreciate any help you can give us.


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  1. You’re very early to plan your journey. No single timetable for 2024 has been published yet. From Octobre 2023, they will gradually start to appear. Some countries (like Spain, France, only publish timetables a couple of months before. France usually 4 months, Spain 2 months, sometimes less.
    The big timetable change is every year, on sunday around Decembre 10. (But usually timetables are quite similar as the year before. Pick a date somewhere next week, to see what you can expect train wise)
  2. Spain and Portugal are badly connected by train. You might need a bus to cross the Spanish-Portuguese border (not included in the pass)
  3. Ordinary tickets might be a lot cheaper than a Eurail pass for you.

As you still have plenty of time to plan, please familiarise yourself with Europe’s rail system via this website:

And the country specific pages on the website of the man in seat 61 (Portugal, Spain, France).

Thank you very much Brendon. I see now why I couldn’t find trains. Yes I am early, too eager to plan. 😊 Your advice is so useful and I will check out your links. Thanks again.