Luggage transfer by Foot at Munich Station in 10m. What does it mean and it transfer time enough?

  • 30 June 2022
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I have a journey from Brussels to Salzburg via train and there is a transfer by foot at Munich station and the time for next train is after 15 minutes, my concern is that I have luggage along with my wife and 2 kids, will I be able to catch the next train and how would be the transfer of luggage can be managed, please guide.


Arriving at MUENCHEN HBF (Germany

Departing from MUENCHEN HBF GL.5-10 (Germany)


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2 replies

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Tracks 5-10 are quite a walk. With common delays in Germany the chance is 50/50 that you will be able to catch the train… Definitely have a plan b.
But as the trains to Salzburg run very regularly, you can just take the next one in case you miss it

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The faster RJ/IC trains M to Salzb run about ev hour. After such a long trip before (with also at least 1 change) you will be hungry-well, this station-also under rebuild construction, has dozens+plenty of food options-eve more in the tunnel above the S-bahn to the far left. Or outside-also plenty of kebab/halal etc. REServ is only optional.

Also: untill early sept In Salzburg, town and province all transport is FREE on FRIdays (benzinfrei), maybe nice to know and use.