Madrid ---Barcelona---Perpignon (Regional Trains)

  • 8 March 2022
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  1. How can i travel from Madrid ---Barcelona---Perpignon in Regional Trains?
  2. Where can i check the timetables for train :
    1. Madrid -- Barcelona
    2. Barcelona--Perpignon
  3. Are all the regional trains of RENFE/SNCFA trains covered by Eurorail pass , which means i don’t have to pay extra for these trains ?

1 reply

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MAD-BCN canNOT be done anymore that way. Only the last ¼ of trip has regionals left, but as the price for a SEAT REServ on AVE=superfast trains is mostly the same any distance, this does not make sense. If this the 1 and only trip for that day-check prices on the now running alternative and non-pass taking budget trains of AVLO or QuiGO=could well be less as cost of travelday

BcN-FR: go to, click cercanias/rodalies, catalunya, find route to Cerbere=1st stop in FR, then use sncf, go to TER (Occitanie) and use travelplanner-it will not work yet for summer. There are basically trains at least ev 2 hrs on these lines.

@3;there are hardly any REGional trians anywhere in ESpana-except indeed a very few in Catalunya. Trains are either superfast AVE/Avant on newly built normal gauge or MD=MediaDistancia (and a very few IC/Talgo) on the old broad gauge lines. These ALL need to be REServed and hence surcharge.

IN FR all regionals are named TER and all are non-reservable and hence also no extra to pay. On some old lines now replaced by newer TGV-superfast, these still run fairly frequent and fast to serve the minor towns en-route.

It has been said here so many, many times; ES is not the best of countries for extensive ride at will pass using!