Make use of eurail pass in SWITZERLAND

Hello, I don’t know how to make use or how to reserve boat trips with my eurail pass, any help??


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Can you please be a bit more specific with what you need help with?

Thank you for replying.
The chocolate train and boat trips, how to book them with my pass.

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What boats trips?

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The NORMal trains in Swiss are without RES-just board. The boats are only with discount-show pass at quayside when buying this ticket. 

These special overpriced touristy trains run over exactly the same rails as the normal ones-so you could use these. But IF you feel that a tourist should use them: go whilst in the Swiss to any counter (they may now be a bit hidden in main station behind all the expensive shops) and have them arrange it for you. You are only wasting amounts of time in trying to find www and all that. You may perhaps hit a fully booked train/car: in that case there is probably a Japanese tourgroup having it all done many monthes ago-you would have been too late anyway. Again: use the normal train or go 1 day early/later on that line.

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If you want to make a lot of boat trips and only travel in Switzerland, maybe the Swiss Travel Pass will be the better option for you.

For boats you can’t make reservations. The only free boats included in interrail are the BLS cruises on Thuner and Brienzer lake. Seats are first come, first serve. Especially on weekends boats might be busy and best places taken quickly. Boarding of the boats starts usually 15mins before departure. 1st class is on upper deck. 2nd class on the “ground floor”.

Our travel plan is as follows. Please guide us we should go for Euro rail pass OR Swiss pass. Which will be cheaper.

25/4 to 26/4 - Stay at Paris (coming to Paris from India).

27/4 - Traveling from Paris to Switzerland (Andermatt). Stay at Andermatt for seven nights.

Daily travelling to different locations of Switzerland like





Mt. Pilatus


Which pass we should go for considering internal travels of Paris + travel from Paris to Swiss and back to Paris (return flight from Paris) + Internal travels of Switzerland.

Swiss pass OR Euro rail pass (33 countries) ? Please guide.


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Buy a 8-day Swiss Travel Pass : 389 CHF per adult (children travel for free).

It is the most convenient pass as it includes all trains, buses, boats, trams and most cable cars. It gives a 50% discount for the cable car to Mount Titlis and Pilatus.

Buy regular tickets between Paris and Basel on It might be cheaper to travel via Strasbourg, it doesn't take longer anyway.

- Paris-Est - Strasbourg 09:25 - 11:11

- Strasbourg - Basel SBB 11:21 - 12:40

78€ 2nd class per person

Then use your Swiss Travel Pass and you arrive in Andermatt at 4pm.

Use SBB app for connections, very convenient.


EDIT The STP covers Rigi which is a very nice day trip too (Arth-Goldau - Rigi cogwheel railway and back via Rigi - Vitznau cogwheel railway + Vitznau - Lucerne by boat

Let me know for other questions.

For the return leg to Paris, it'll be easier to travel via Strasbourg too as there are direct TGVs to Paris CDG Airport. (no need to travel via the city center)

Which day are you going back to Paris ?

Thank you very much for your reply. 

I was of the different opinion. As per my thinking, if I am travelling through Eurail pass (10 days) it will cost me @ 370 Euro per person. This will allow me to save 78 + 78 = 156 Euro of Paris to Swiss and return from Swiss to Paris. Our return date from Swiss to Paris is 4th May and flight from Paris is at 20:25 PM.

If Eurorail pass is allowing me to travel internal Paris free (Airport to Hotel & local travelling), this is not sure to me. Will you please guide me  on this ?

Regarding Swiss internal travelling, we are planning to go out everyday from Andermatt to different places i.e. Zurich / Interlaken / Lucerne / Pilatus / Titlis / Bern and also one day to Italy (Milano). 

If I have to catch local trains where Euro rail passs is not allowed, will you please guide me what will be expenses of that per day ? 

If I am taking Swiss rail pass for 8 days it will cost me 389 Euro + I have to spend 78 + 78 = 156 Euro for Paris to Swiss & back. 

Need your help to set our Itinerary properly. Please guide.

With regards,


Maulin Shah




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The Eurail Pass does not cover travel in Paris or to the airport.

There is a limited 10€ (or 20€) mandatory seat reservation on TGVs within France.

The direct TGVs into Switzerland (TGV Lyria) have expensive seat reservations : more than 30€ per person. That's why it is advised to take a TGV to Strasbourg.

For Milan : 11€ mandatory seat reservation on EC trains with the Eurail Pass but you can avoid that by taking a RegioExpress train (doesn't take more time).

The Swiss Travel Pass would cover travel until Chiasso and then you need to add for Chiasso - Milan return.

Keep in mind that Andermatt - Milan takes at least 3h30-3h45 one-way. There are engineering works between 29.04 and 01.05. You'd need to take a rail replacement bus between Chiasso and Milan. The journey will take longer, at least 4h.

Without engineering works :

- First train of the day to Milan : arrival at 10:17

- Last train from Milan : departure at 18:43 (reservation-free) or 19:10

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So now for the discounts

- Pilatus STP : 39 CHF / Eurail Pass : 42 CHF (train + Pilatus) / 56.20 CHF (boat + Pilatus)

- Titlis 48 CHF Swiss Travel Pass/ 72 CHF Eurail Pass

- Rigi all included with the Swiss Travel Pass / 50% discount with Eurail Pass for boat + cogwheel railway = 51 CHF

All the other railways in your itinerary are included.

Use SBB App for all the connections

For example it shows that Andermatt 08:50 - Paris CDG Airport 16:04 is the best connection.

As the TGV to CDG Airport on 4th May costs 109€ per person, go ahead and buy a Eurail Pass. But be aware that it doesn't cover the RER to the city center and travel within Paris. Look up local passes, I can't help with that

Dear Friend,

Your valuable feedback is really much helpful and have given proper direction & understandings.

Thank you very much for all your valuable feedbacks.

With regards,


Maulin Shah