Making reservations at the train station. Do they charge the Eurail passholder fee or full ticket price?

  • 18 February 2022
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I am trying to book some trains and noticed that many of them require paper tickets to be mailed which I won’t have access to while traveling of course, so I was planning on going into the train station to buy the tickets in person. So my question is, if I go to reserve my seats in person, will they charge me the price of a full ticket even though I have a Eurail global pass? Thanks:)


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There is no general answer :)

Usually the staff at the ticket office know how to handle Eurail :) and book then the reservations for you. (But there are still few that are not well trained and are not 100% how to handle reservations. If the ticket office use the International System you could ask them to use the Tarifcode 44 it´s the tarifcode for Railpass user)

Another reason why they try to sell full fares is that the Reservations for Eurail/Interrail user are solt out. Especially International TGV´s , Thalys & Eurostar have just limited seats for Railpass user and are often sold out. Happens actually quite often for Eurostar services from/to London and the TGV´s from Paris to Barcelona and Paris to Milan :/

If you let us know which Routes you have in mind we could say which reservation fee´s you can expect :)

Thank you for all that info! The first one im looking at is the night train from Budapest to Brasov. Also Bucharest to Sofia, and Budapest to Krakow. Thanks!! 

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Thank you for all that info! The first one im looking at is the night train from Budapest to Brasov. Depends on Comfort level you wanna book :)
The fee´s you can expect :) FunFact the trainname is "Corona" :D since many years.  
Also Bucharest to Sofia should be arround 1,50€ in a local ticket officeAs written here on the page of Bulgarian Rail 
and Budapest to Krakow. Depends on the Comfort Level :) Budapest - Krakow - Warsaw The informations are not 100% accurate but it helps to get an over view.

Thanks!!  A Pleasure :)


Thank you so much for all the links! One last question, are these prices the normal train prices or discounted for interail passes only?

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The prices you see are the reservation fee´s for Interrail & Eurail :)

How ever railtravel in east europe is quite cheap :)  Standard fare Bucharest - Sofia is 25€ :)

Great, thanks so much again:)

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Note: as for now-and for some time to come, NO overnight and even NO direct train Buc-Sof, change Ruse (=first stop in BG). In fact that 25€ can even be further reduced by just buying INT ticket to Ruse and local BDZ ticket onward to SOF.

In general in these areas=East EUR there are no real issues with using a pass or booking the REServations-except that it may in the end be cheaper to buy local tickets as using passdays!