Making seat reservations for TGV in advance

  • 24 June 2022
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Hi everybody. I am traveling to Paris this summer starting from Muchic. To get there I need to take seat reservations but that is not possible on the interrail website. I´ve been searching the internet for the last hour or two and i just couldn´t find a way to get the job done. I am traveling July 27th and I really would like to do the reservations now rather than later.

Thank you for your help!! <3


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2 replies

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Hey you mean Munich? München? 

Go to the next DB Reisezentrum, they can sell you the reservation. It is about 10-15 €

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DB canNOT do inland FR anymore-only those that run overtheborder and cost an awful lot more-and also have quota

IF unavailable-do schlau: use Nahverkehr (shuttle Offenburg-Strasbourg) over the Rhein=border and use hourly TGV IN FR only for much less in money and much more chance on seats-for 10€

In the past InterRailers knew such tricks-nowadays it seems they can only use fone and planner apps.