Managing Passes and reservations for 2 travelers

  • 18 May 2022
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Hi There,

Hi have a couple of questions related to adding passes to a trip and make reservation for 2 people:

  1. Can I add two passes on my phone for reservation purposes? Can the second traveler add it to his phone in order to “activate” it at a later stage?
  2. Can I make reservation for 2 travelers with my phone indicating second traveler informations and if needed pass number? Will this be reflected on his phone when he connect his pass to our trip?
  3. Is it mandatory for the second traveler to make his own account to use the pass?

For the time being this is all and I thank in advance people available to answer the above.

Kind regards,


P.S. As I will have additional questions moving forward should I use the conversation option rather than the question one?


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  1. +2. On which phone a pass is does not influence the reservation options.
    Reservations are not done via the app; the app just forwards to some of the websites where you can do reservations, including the Interrail website. For booking reservations together via Interrail, check this page. On other reservation websites, you can just indicate the number of persons.
  1. I'm not sure.

Do keep in mind that a pass can only be linked to 1 phone. You can have multiple passes on one phone. If you want to move a pass to another device, then you have to ask customer service.

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