Mediterranean-itinerary route. Is it still valid?

  • 18 February 2024
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I am interested in this route:

I would like to travel this route from 15th August to 30th August 2024. However, when I try add all the connections in my Eurail app, I only find the ones from Valencia up to Marseille, but from Marseille to Nice, from Nice to Monte Carlo and the rest of the stops in this route seems not to be connected. Why is that?


I also have one more question about the seat reservation prices. I will be travelling with my 11 years old son. Eurail pass is free of charge for him, but I see that for most of the trains in this route seat reservations will be required. Will I have to pay x2 for myself and him, or seat reservation for child will be free as well?

1. Valencia, Spain 2. Barcelona, Spain 3. Montpellier, France 4. Marseille, France 5. Cannes, France 6. Nice, France 7. Monte Carlo, Monaco 8. Savona, Italy 9. Genoa, Italy 10. Pisa, Italy 11. Livorno, Italy 12. Rome, Italy


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Please don't use the Rail Planner App to plan. It's incomplete, often out of date and not reliable in general. The operators’ own websites/apps or national ones are much more reliable. For international planning, or the DB Navigator app is a good choice.

Further, not all railways companies have released their summer timetables yet. This applies in any case to French, Spanish and Italian railways. Some tains may already be available, but certain not all of them. To get an idea of the possibilities, check timetables on the same day of the week for sometime next month.

Reservations always have to be paid, even if the pass is free of charge. Check this page for the best places to book them: