Milan Centrail Railway Station to and from Varenna Esino in Lake Como

  • 27 April 2022
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Hello Eurail Community

Another issue I am having here. I was planning a trip using the planner from Milan Central Railway Station to Lake Como in Varenna Esino Train Station. Eurail planner keeps saying “not in Pass Network”. I saw in Google Maps there is a RE8 train from Milan to Varenna at 8:30 am. Please help how can I have this trip save and added to my Global Pass. Is eurail databases need updating because I do not personnaly agree that eurail does not have trips going to and from the Lake Como regions in Varenna Esino train station.

thanks for any help


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As said before- use MANUAL function-in many countries there are many, many lines/stops not in this pass app.

As also said before so many times: do not use this app for all times. Now in THIS case even the sites we or (but now defunct does not have it. Remember that very 1st lesson about computers; you can only get out what someone has bothered to put in. Esp. in ITaly and some other countries raiwlays are run by state-burocrats who dislike anything that the state does not exactly prescribe. IF they do not deliver, no other system will know. And if you´ve found google-surely you can just type: railway times from A to B? There will be the usual (often much out of date) sites like omio or rome2rio-ignore, go on till the non-advertising state railways appears.

There is another snag in this case: now that the cheap local trains are subsidised by the local province/region, they have merged the local state things from TrenItalia and their own local FNM into 1: TreNord. For a very long time it was not even clear if they would continue accepting passes. They like delays in IT. In the end the yes came.

A short local trip like this will cost just a few € and there are even also local passes for the regione (LO-Viaggio) for 2 -3 days that may save you compared with using passdays-they also include local buses and in Milano tram-metro. but NOT to/fro that Malp airport. A line like this will go ev hour at same times-or even more often. And there is NO REServ at all even possible.

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  1. Please name the exact train where the app says it “not in pass network” (origin, destination, date, departure time). I have an 8:20 departure tomorrow from Milano Centrale to Varenna-Esino that is included (train RE 2816).
  2. Please check if there's an app update. If there is, install it and check again.
  3. If all else fails, you can always add a journey manually.

Hello rvdborgt

I think I know now the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem is that my trip is still future date Aug 23. The eurail app or the train service company still do not have travel times data for this futute date. But when I try to go back to earliee future date like June 10 or June 11, there is a train and trip timetables , thereafter like after June 12, there is no more trip timetable data and thus it is saying “not in pass network”. 
I will wait then maybe next month of May if there is trip timetable data for August.

The version of my eurail app is the latest one 23.x.x I think.




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I don’t recommend Google Maps for finding train times. And in particular on Public Holidays. That app has been showing me many buses and trains that doesn’t run in the end. 

The DB Navigator App is much more reliable.

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Trenord regional trains (train operator of this route) for trips from 12th June and after, will only be released some days before the 12th of June. The timetable should stay the same as now. 

Thank you