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I have placed this order weeks ago and when I realized the problem, that I was missing legs of my trip to from Como to Zermatt and Zermatt to Paris, I notified them immediately via email. That was a month ago. I still have not heard anything and I travel in two days. I have requested a reset of my password because it says I have an account but I do not and I have not received a reset password email so I can set a new password so I can’t log in to view my reservations.  Can someone please help me with this? I don’t want to have to buy these tickets out of my own pocket when I have already paid for the pass!


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Have you checked the status of your request in the request database? 

If not I suggest that you try to log into the request database to see if there is a request logged for your email address. If there is no request for your email address, you need to enter a new request. You need to write that you are currently travelling. 

Use this link to come to the request database.

Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner.


Enter your email address and Click " Get a password".

If the system doesn't recognise your email address, then there is no request registered and you need to go back to the start screen and enter a request.

If you get a password, you can then log in and look at the status of your request.

It won’t let me login and when I request a new password, the email never arrives. I have tried 4 times. When I go into Book Reservations and look at the leg of the trip for which I never received an e-ticket, it says “ready to board.”  Can I just show my Eurail pass to the conductor and explain I never received an e-ticket? It is a local train and a reserved seat was not required.

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If reservations are optional you are ready to board. But you should get a refund from Interrail/Eurail for the missing ticket.

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The trains to/fro Z itself are tiny red locals and cannot even be REServed-if thats what youre missing dont worry. But INtern TGV-trains Swiss-FR must be and will be checked that you have. They are also quite pricey-which can be avoided (too late now) by hooping over border by local trains