• 20 August 2023
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I’m few weeks before travel . My first stop in Zurich airport and from there I take train to Zermatt . I have been  in Switzerland many times but first time with Eurail GP . When should I put train time ? If I put in advance I could be late . 
And how to create planner on paper ? 
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2 replies

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To secure you able to create the QR code without panic,  my idea.

1. Create 2 different time in planner and save to my trip.

2. Activate the train time that suit your schedule  when you reach train station or Activate the QR for the specific train  before get in to that train.

Not rushing,  if you run out of time, you still can create the above same method with new internally. 

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Hi @Natalie Bunimovich,

You can also try to find out the further information about how to get started with your mobile Pass, including planning on your journey on