Munich HBF to Salzburg - same trains on different website have price difference

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Hi all,

I am travelling in Aug,2022 from Munich to Salzburg.

I see two trains departing at the same time for example: at 18:55 , both OBB railjet and regiobahn are departing with significant price difference.


Are these two trains same or different? Or both of them attached as single train?

Since I am travelling with a kid two yr old I am looking to book the train that can offer me confirmed seats in 1st class considering the holiday season. I did try to book from OBB site for seats - however for any date I try it says ticket not available..


Please advise.

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What is your travel date?

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Also look at ARRival times-the regional will be much later=makes all stops, slower speed. It is fairly common indeed to have such frequent service.

REServing seats is optional on these trains. and cannot even be done on the locals. THus with a pass the regional bahn is free/included.

It should be possible to REServe seats also via oebb, and click ´seat only´ On the planner of bahn (german railays) it should also state planned platform-if these are different, it will be different trains.