Munich to Venice ECB85 (or ECB81) - 1st Class Seat Reservations Not an Option?

  • 3 August 2023
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My wife and I have 3-month Global Pass 1st Class.  So far, so good, but after patiently waiting for prices for seat reservations to appear for late October 2023, it looks like the only option for a seat reservation on the ECB85 Direct from Munich to Venice is 2nd Class.  This could mean one of two or three things: 1. 1st Class pass holders don’t need a seat reservation and “you are ready to board” really applies.  2. 1st Class pass holders cannot reserve a 1st class seat and may or may not get a 1st class seat depending on availability. Or maybe 3. There are no 1st class seats on the ECB85?  I think #3 doesn’t apply because I checked Seat 61 and there are photos.  I’m wondering if I want comfort and piece-of-mind:, A. Do I have to reserve 2nd Class?  Or, B. I should stop worrying and just show up for my ECB85 train without a seat reservation because there should be two first class seats available on the ECB85 from Munich to Venice in late October?    Appreciate your thoughts on this and the general question of how busy 1st Class is between Oct 1 and Mid December and whether I should just ignore “seat reservations recommended”.  thanks!  


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Reservations are available, test on 31 October:

Where are you trying to book? The best place for this train is Add the Interrail/Eurail discount and then choose "One-way tickets” (NOT "Seat reservation only”).

SUCCESS!!   Thank you Raimaster!  I set up an account on OBB and followed your instruction to choose “one-way tickets” only with the Eurail discount.  I never would have figured this part out on my own, as I recently reserved seats from London to Edinburgh on the GWR website, and the instruction was explicitly to choose seat reservations only.  I’m learning a lot about making seat reservations and your feedback has been very valuable.  I think I will be able to utilize the OBB site for other seat reservations now, so your suggestion has opened a new door.  Thanks 

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@Mark W

Then you’ll find that this topic:

Will provide an even more extensive answer to possible reservation questions, without the need to pay for the Eurail/Interrail reservation fee.

Thank you BrendanDB for the extensive list.  I have several more reservations to make in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain to make and this list and the information looks like it will be very useful.  Much appreciated!

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Thank you BrendanDB for the extensive list.  I have several more reservations to make in Belgium, Netherlands,

Domestic trains in Belgium and the Netherlands don't have reservations. For travel between the two countries, you could book a Thalys but that's expensive. There's a reservation-free intercity train Brussels-Amsterdam each hour.

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@Mark W No problem. If you have any other difficulties with something train travel/planning related, just get back to us here, mention your travel date and trains and you’ll get a solution in no time ;)