Munich to Venice- error ''search an alternative route''

  • 11 July 2022
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I’m trying to reserve a direct night train from Munich to Venice on 22 July (NJ 40463). The system keeps on giving me an error at checkout saying that I need to look for an alternative route. When I search an alternative route, I see the same train (NJ 40463) but it shows that I need to change trains in Austria. It will not let me book the direct train from Munich to Venice, but it allows me to book the first leg to Austria. Can I book the first leg and just stay on the train all the way to Venice? Help is appreciated!


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No-otherwise there would have been another message and it would all have gone on clear.

Likely there will agian be works somewhere along the route and this may mean parts of it-thats just 1 of the probs one has with these old-fashioned rails-cannot be done. In fact this train when it leaves München consists of 3 different parts-the fun thing is that cars from trains can be shunted from 1 to 2-the car changes trains, not you. You will have to leave that car/space in the mid of night, I am afraid, with logic thinking of what you present here.

OR it may mean that the direct cars are fully booked (NJ seems extremely populair this summer) and that hence you have to change cars/space due to that-at the change-over point where all these cars get shunted. Your seat 1 will be claimed by someone else from that point.

YOu did not clearly state what means you used to book: this should be OeBB-first use planner and then it will utmost clear show what the matter is.

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Hi Jonathan, check always via train company (in this case Austrian ÖBB - the timetable, also some days and some hors before. Because due to works on the line in summer, often there are time changes last minute. The railplanner app works offline, and so it is not really up-to-date. 

If a train is missing, you can add it manually in the app. (I don’t recommend it, if you have an iPhone, due to a bug in the app)