My family's seat reservation ends one stop in Budapest before the one we will exit the train.

My family's seat reservation from Vienna Central ends one stop too soon in Budapest before the one we will exit the train. Our reservation in 1st class ends in Kelenföld instead of Keleti, which is the next stop 20 min later.  Should I just keep the reservation and take the chance no one has the same seat reserved to the next stop or what do you recommend (Return for refund and rebook or other ideas)


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None will even care or ask.

BUT it may well be wise to exit at Kföld-a new and quite easy to traverse station which now also has a direct metro into town+2 tram lines-depending on where your HTL is this may be much quicker. Trains often get delayed in that final stretch around town and Keleti is under rebuild so not that easy to navigate right now.

Unless you only pass Bp and change onward of course

Thanks for the detailed advice. Our Airbnb is near  intersection of Erzsebet and Rakoczi (Southeast Section 5), so very close to Keleti.  I will check metro and see what if offers, may be good option.

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No one will have reserved a train for a local journey like that and the staff on board will not be standing at the vestibule waiting to pounce on you leaving Kelenföld. Get off at whichever station suits your needs best.