My reservation I made via do not show up in the Rail Planner app

I am new to Eurail and the Rail Planner app. I bought Eurail passes for me and my husband online at and downloaded the Rsil Planner app to my iPhone, which is running iOS 15.  I have added both eurail passes to the app and connected each of them to a trip, but I have not yet activated the eurail passes because I am not yet sure of the first date of travel. 

l have been successful in searching for train ticket itineraries and adding them to My Trip. But I cannot use the app to make and purchase seat reservations on trains that require them.

l have managed to use computer’s web browser to login to my account at to buy reservations on a NightJet train that is critically important for our trip. An e-ticket was emailed with instructions to print it out on A4 paper, which is not available here in the US. But these reservations do not show up in the app anywhere that I can find. 

When I try to make reservations using the app I have no way home to do it no matter where I try to tap. If I check the box that says I purchased the tickets through a third party, a link to pops up with a warning that I will have to redo the search for the itinerary on the web site before making reservations. This makes no sense to me at all. 

What am I doing wrong?


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Reservations do not show up in the app. The App works separate from the website. 

On the app your Ticket the Eurail Pass is on, and than you show the reservation on PDF or Printed (please look at the rules of the train, some are ok with an PDF, some do need to print it)

Thank you for clarifying this for me.  It was not at all clear from the website that things are set up this way.