N/A in seat reservations. What does it mean?

  • 15 February 2022
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Hi, I hope someone can help me whit this little doubt. I don't understand what does it mean “from N/A” in front of “seat reservations required” into the app, when you search some of routes. 



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4 replies

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Use other train-there are locals ev hour or so. Use for best travel planning inside CZ.

N/T means you cannot make the REServation for these trains-but FT I do not recognise, it may be a holidaymaker train that is wholly outside the normal system.

But you do not show your final destination, so it remains guessing. Into PL?

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@mcadv  FT 301 is the Rychlik 301 from Ostrava via Krakow to Przemysl. Can be reserved via or directly at the station :) 

@Nando Orozco  do you have the entire route? as it´s quite uncommon to change in Chalupki. As it´s then easier for us to help.

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Yes, out of curiosity I wondered too and this was easy to find. 11.43 is arrival at Katowice-the train then runs on to Krakow. I was wondering why they used that FT.

Again as sebas seewulf tells: just go to the counter in HN=hlavni., (there is not counter in Stodolni) and show pass and pay. In PL all trains have what they call ´global pricing´ and that means you cannot just REServe. Perhaps just take the tram to main station.

Whereas (in English)

n/a usually stands for not applicable or not available,

in the InterRail Eurail Planner it would be better were they to use, say, n/k (not known). 


I see it for sections

even though the Planner gives a price/details for a sub-part of that route

or even when that section is a sub-route (part of a longer trip).