Need pass cover number for TGV but only have mobile pass

  • 23 June 2022
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I'm trying to make a seat reservation for the TGV 6035 from Paris Gare de Lyon to Nice Ville at 19:08-00:46 on 22/07. The Eurail website says that prices are unavailable for this train. 

If I try to book through instead, there are still some available seats. However, in order to book my seat, the website requests a Pass Cover number in the "Ticket Details" section. Since I have a mobile Eurail pass, I do not have a Pass Cover number and am unable to complete the reservation.

How can I receive a Pass Cover Number? Is there an alternative way to book a seat on this train?


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3 replies

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Get cover nr via special form-state date of travl-they try to handle them in that order

You can CALL (you know-by fone) SNCF and they can arrange it without cover nr.

IF in meantime train gets full-use any other to Marseille and change there to local TER onward-over very same rails

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You can call  b-europe and make the reservation. No need of Pass Cover Number.

The phone call is rather expensive.


The best way to make reservations for French trains is to call SNCF. No need of Pass Cover Number.


 Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail


To get your Pass Cover Number, if you still will need it, you need to contact Customer Support through this form and ask for the Pass Cover Number.

Customer Support is currently overloaded with requests so you will probably have to be patient to get help. Please let Customer Support know what date your travel will start so that they can prioritise your request correctly.

Thank you everyone. We got a pass number from customer service and it’s all sorted now.