Night Train Amsterdam - Prague 1st of June

  • 25 May 2022
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Hi fellow Travellers!!

On the 1st of June me and my boyfriend

 are going on our first Interrail trip ever! So exciting!!



We are planning on catching the nighttrain from Amsterdam Central (departure 22:34) to Prague (arrival 2nd of June 10:34), at least, that is what the Rail Planner app says is possible. But if I am looking at online timetables to book a sleep possibility in advance, I can't find this train anywhere. Does anyone know if this info is accurate?

And do you have some basic NEED TO KNOW TIPS for the first time interrailing ever? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Maybe we see each other somewhere in Europe!!




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5 replies

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This train will not run yet, says the company and we don’t know yet about if they will accept Interrail. Please do not plan with this train. 

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As has been posted some monthes ago: as the to renovate cars will not be ready in time, start of service is extended till late sept/early oct-and highly likely to be postponed once more then.

Hence it is IMpossible go do Prahy from AMS on 1 travelday with overnight-can do daytime.

Hello, I have seen this train (destination Amsterdam) departing from Prague main station on Sun 24/07/2022, regular departure at 19:18 (delayed 30 min), but I can’t find it in any timetable - strange. Also the web pages (I guess it is them) contain no other information that this connection is “coming soon”… Obviously renovated old train cars - their design attracts our attention.

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The European Sleeper is not available in our pass network as it's not operational yet. You can find alternative options to travel from Amsterdam to Prague in our planner. You can also find a list railway operators in our pass network over here

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We have no information if this train will run and if they accept Interrail/Eurail Passes. 

EDIT: Claudi has confirmed that it is not in pass network.