Night train between Prague and Budapest

I know there are similar threads, but if someone could help give me peace of mind I would appreciate it. I got the reservation for the 457 Nightjet departing Prague at 22:03 and getting to Hungary at 8:29 on 08/19. I got the 4 person couchette reserved and want to clarify that I do not need anything else apart from activating my eurail pass on that travel day. In addition, would you advise booking more train reservations for routes im taking. My route is Prague->Budapest->Ljubljana->Venice->Florence->Cinque Terre->Naples->Amalfi Coast->Milan->Nice->Barcelona->Valencia->Madrid->Sevilla. It will span mainly throughout September and October using the 2 month 15 travel day pass. I’d like the flexibility, but if you think any of those may be highly advisable to reserve in advance please let me know. Thank you!

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