Night train: different seat choices but only one offer ?

  • 13 May 2024
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On the Rail Planner application, on a night train journey between Budapest (HUN) and Brasov (ROM) on 14 July 2024, I see that booking is compulsory and I am offered 3 fares: a seat at €5, a bed in a shared compartment at €15 and a private cabin at €100.

When I go to the website to book my seat, I'm only offered a €5 seat, with no possibility of booking in a shared compartment.

Does this mean that there are no more shared compartment seats? Or does it mean that you have to use another site?

Because if I go to the website of the operating railway company, I can book a seat in a shared compartment, but at a much higher price...



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Ich würde grundsätzlich das Buchen über Interrail vermeiden, da es immer etwas teurer ist.Soweit ich weiß, kann man sich auf deren Angebote auch nicht immer verlassen. 

Versuche über die Bahneigene Seite etwas zu buchen,oder über die DB/ÖBB.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I tried to book on the website of the railway company (Societatea Nationala de Transport Feroviar de Calatori), but they don't offer the "Interrail" price. You have to buy a ticket like anyone else, and it's not the same price!

As for using the DB/OBB site, it doesn't offer the same arrival time as the official site, and on this route it says "Ticket not available"...

In short, it's not easy to know what to do.

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You're lucky: this service is the only one available online for passholders on Hungary-Romania. Otherwise you have to go to a ticket counter.

Use the ÖBB website and add Interrail as a discount, then select one-way tickets.

Don't worry, ÖBB cannot handle timezones but the scheduled arrival is at 12:36 (Romanian time).