Night train from Prague To Budapest - one or two trains and travel day count

I know a different question has been asked before. the rail planner app and interrail reservation site have the train listed as two seperate trains, propably changes at the border. bought the reservation/ticket for a sleeper via the czech railway website, which lists it as one train. sooo … does that count as one travel day or two since the “second” train starts at 4:55??


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As long as you stay on one train or in the case of complicated night trains remain in one carriage that is a single train and only requires use of one day once it starts before midnight.

If the app will not display it correctly then add the full journey manually, using the planner to add the “second” train will automatically activate the following day.

as far as i understand it changes its number changes at a station right at the border, so it makes sense to change the name/number and we’re staying on the same train.

thanks for answering though, AI_G

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Dep od Prahy HN it will have several portions-that is one of he old-time advantages that trains can offer-and some cars are detached and others linked at some point- Breclav-for Wien. Ever thought how smart/clever these train-guys can be? But the next trick is that train NR s may then also change and many planners cannot handle that properly.

It also means the trains stands a long time there-a few hrs, during which all kind of shunts and movements appear.