Night Train Paris to Salzburg

  • 22 April 2022
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Good evening,


I am sorry to disturb, 

I can’t find a way to connect Paris to Salzburg with a night train (I want to start my trip in the end of june)

I’ve seen that I need to book the Asutrian Website, “OBB”, but there is no one way train

I thought it was possible to do Paris - Vienna with a one way train (no need to change the train, and with bed and without stopover), but the better way I found was Paris - Linz/Donau Hbf, and then I needed to change my train to Salzburg (friday 24th of june).

I’ve also seen that there are just 3 days of night train from France to Austria,


I hope you can help me,

Thank you very much !


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There are a few days in summer (06/24 is one of them) when the nightjet from Paris to Vienna is schedulded not to run via Salzburg because of construction works. Seems that it will run via Passau instead.

It runs just three times a week because ÖBB has not enough carriages for more trains yet. But this will change next year.

Hope, this helps. Best wishes, Hektor.

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There is a night train Paris - Vienna 3 times a week that normally also stops in Salzburg. It leaves Paris on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. However, there are engineering works in June and on 24 June, this train takes another route and doesn't stop in Salzburg. The first stop in the morning is Linz, and there you can catch a train to Salzburg indeed.

You can book the night train reservation via ÖBB using these steps.

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But then you need to use a new travelday-or if this fairly short sector is the only trip, book a cheap ticket on runs ev 30 mins and prices from 4,99.

You are sadly too late for the FREE travel in/around Salzburg (inluding many mountain lines) that is offered on FRIdays only rill 15/6

Thank you very much for your answer,

That’s wghat I was afraid, that it’s gonna count for 2 days, and not just one…

Thank you for your advices !!! 

A free travel ? What is this? 

Can you give me a link to follow where I can find some informations about ?

Again, Thank you!