Night Train Reservations - what are the costs of cancelling?

How much does it cost to cancel a night train reservation? And is the cost different if canceling within a certain amount of hours or a certain amount of days?   I am traveling from Amsterdam to Budapest anywhere between July 25 and July 27.  Also, how much are meals and water on the train?


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Again: detials please. There is NO such a train-so it has to be some part of it. A simple REServ for seat is usually non-refund, perhaps exchangeable to other day.

All stations-and certainly the big ones anywhere in EUR look more as shopping centres as just places with a load of trains-all have ´convenience´ stores a plenty. Be wiser and buy there. Anyone here knows prices in the train are the highest. Good thing for USAers is that there is generally no need to also tip extravagantly on top.

Prices ON the train differ per train/provider, supplies tend to be space constrained and for real meals; forget it. As its likely you mean the NightJet-their site has, as could be expected, about all the info you need. Also: these overnight trains are this summer in such demand that nearly all bed-spaces have already been sold.

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When booking via ÖBB, cancellation terms are mentioned here: