Night train Utrecht to Zurich - IC and nightjet

  • 8 August 2022
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Hi, I’m thinking about travelling with a night train to Zurich from Utrecht, the only thing I’m worrying about is the fact that there are two trains leaving at the same time to the same destination. One of them is the night jet and the other one is just a IC. For the night jet you have to reserve a seat and for the IC it’s not obligated but how do I know which train is which or is it the same train? Thank you guys in advance:)


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the seat cars run as Intercity (reservation optional, in NL the Information Boards in the station write reservation compulsory, but it is wrong. But on holiday time and weekends it is recommended. You can check at how full the train will be)

the couchette and sleeper cars run as Nightjet. 

the seat cars run as Intercity. 

the couchette and sleeper cars run as Nightjet. 

Thank you so much!! I was so stressed about this:)