Night trains in France & Italy

  • 16 July 2021
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Hi everybodyDoes anyone know if there are night trains in France and Italy?If so, do you perhaps know which routes these run on? For example from station... to station...And do you know if these countries have night trains that come in the country and leave the country?If yes, do you perhaps know from which countries these come in and or to which countries they drive out?

2 replies

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France have reinstalled many Nighttrains this year :)

Paris - Toulouse - Latour de Carol/Portbou/Nice are just few destinations

Italy have a huge Network :)
With Nighttrains from Milan/Rome to Palermo or Syracuse on Sicily 🙂 With Nighttrain from Turin to the south of Italy or from Rome to Trieste and Bolzano :)
Trenitlia page only in italian :/ 

Actual there are no International Nighttrain in or out France except Portbou which is directly at the border north of Barcelona :D

From Italy you have daily  International Nighttrains Rome/Milan/Venice to Munich/Vienna + twice per week in season a Nighttrain from Livorno to Vienna all operated as Nightjet by Austrian Rail :) 


a general overview can be found on (not all listed trains are in operation)

Till 2020 there was a Nighttrain Venice - Milan - Dijon - Paris operated by Thello (company doesn´t exists anymore maybe the service returns under a new brand) Interrail and Eurail was valid at the end.

Till March 2020 Russian rail operated two not included International Nighttrains from Moscow via Warsaw - Berlin - Strassbourg - Paris or Moscow - Warsaw - Vienna - Milan - Genoa - Monaco - Nice once per week all over the year 🙂 (No date given for return of these services)


Thank you for your answer! 

I will take a look on the links you have send