Night Trains in Winter to and from Istanbul

  • 6 November 2022
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According to Bulgarian train website currently the schedule is set till 10.12. We are planning to take the train on the 23 at night and now are wondering if trains are still going in winter? Any one know about the winter schedule of the trains?


Also, is it possible that Nighttrains from Buccharest to Vienna can only be booked one months in advance? I noticed that after that tickets are available till the 8th of december, but are not available after.


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3 replies

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There is no announcement (yet?) that they will cease. But there is also no garantee at all: esp. sudden new anti-covid measures may play havock. See also

Yes, over there most trains at all are only from 1 month advance-they seem to be much more realistic as all these pass-newbees who get the nerves half a year ahead.

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It is unlikely that this train will not run. However if you are talking about 23 December there is a high probability it will be fully booked. Only couchette and sleeper carriages cross the border so no standing. An added complication is you can only book this train in Bulgaria and Turkey. If you’re there a few days before you should be fine. Otherwise you need a specialist travel company such as discover by rail. They book using local contacts. They arrange the delivery of tickets. Obviously you pay a premium for a service like this.

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The website is

I do not have any relationship with this company but have used them in the past.