No seat reservations on train Flensburg - Hamburg

  • 9 July 2022
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Hi, we have already planned our trip and made the obligatory  reservations but thought of reserving seats for other trains as well. However, now it seems that there is one train left which is full. That's the only train we can use since our schedule has been fixed already (eg reservation on the eurostar later that day). Can it really be so bad that they won’t let us on the train without reservations,  even though they shouldn't be obligatory? The train is re7 from Flensburg to Hamburg, 8.15 - 10.15. I'm getting a bit terrified already, since I have my whole family with me... We wouldn't mind having to stand the two hours, if we can just get on the train!


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There are no reserved seats on a RegionalExpress. Just get in and look for a free seat. Because the train starts at Flensburg I think there will be enough.

Thank you for your Quick answer. Now I can sleep again 😀

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But expect delays or cancellation-chance on that around 10-20%.

However-not to disappoint you-but chance on next train (ICE) being late till connection in KÖln (I guess) is even worse. Prepare yourself on what to do then. 

Ok. How bad can the delays be? We have half an hour in Hamburg and 50 min in Köln. Could that be enough?

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Ok. How bad can the delays be? We have half an hour in Hamburg and 50 min in Köln. Could that be enough?

Currently DeutscheBahn have many problems the Highdemand for Regionaltrains (due the 9€ Ticket) cause many delays due passengers. Ontop of that problems on the infrastructure to many trains for to less tracks. the 50mins in Cologne can work but the 30mins in Hamburg can be quite tight. I recommend to have a Plan B route already in your hands.

Thank you for the information! There seem to be one train leaving at 7.15 already so that might help with the change in Hamburg. Let's just hope there will be enough time in Cologne...