No trains available on the website of Eurail, but only on carriers website

We are travelling from Switzerland to Italy and have a 1 month 1st class Eurail pass for my family of 4 (all adults) i dont see any of the fast trains on the website to book however i do see them on Rail Europe. How do i load my Eurail Pass to Rail Europe for bookings as well as to the SBB website and Trenitalia - i dont see anywhere to add the pass because it doesnt list Eurail specifically.  Any tips or help you can provide, I’d appreciate.


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Reservations for trains from Switzerland to Italy and for day trains in Italy are best done via ÖBB. Do NOT use the "Seat only” option but add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount to all persons and then look for normal tickets. Book trains separately because booking multiple trains at once doesn't always work.

Reservations for domestic trains within Switzerland are not needed and are basically a waste of money.

If you have any specific questions about a train reservation, please specify origin, destination, date and departure time.

Thanks for the quick response.  I am trying to book Zermatt to Milan on the quickest trip possible, 1st class. I dont see anywhere on the OBB website where i can add my passes.  This is what is looks like on the website.  If i wanted the 9:13 train, I still need to book an IC train and regional train but i dont see where to do that i have a Eurail pass? And where do i book the IC and R trains?





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In your screenshot, click on the Change link at the top right. Also see these instructions.

However, for the 9:13 connection you don't need any reservations.