No trains from Budapest to Belgrade/Thessaloniki?

  • 25 February 2022
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Good afternoon! Me and my friends are planning a trip from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki for the coming April. We wanted to travel via Munich, Budapest and Belgrade. Up until Budapest, we can plan our trip via this website. However, when we want to check for trains from Budapest to either Belgrade or Thessaloniki, nothing comes up on the travel planner.

Neither do I see Serbia in the list of exceptions on the website.

I was therefore wondering whether there is any reason why we cannot find trains (in April) from Budapest to either Belgrade or Thessaloniki.

Thank you in advance.


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Serbian and Greek railways don't send their timetables to the European Timetable Centre anymore, so you'll only find them on their own websites.

However, it is correct that there are currently no trains from Hungary to Belgrade (because of engineering works) and from any country into Greece (engineering and COVID). It is unlikely that this will change before your trip.

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Daar gaan we weer-zelfde topic is de laatste week al tenminste 10x hier behandeld- andere responder Sebas Seewulf heeft ze pas nog gebundeld.

There is-if you are hell-bound on using trains, a roundabout way with a gap of about 25/30 KMs: go via Romania to Bulgaria (needs several changes and coming time also reroute as direct sector via border closed due to works), then as far as border with GR (Blagoevgrad)-then a gap of 30 Kms to next GR town with 1 or 2 trains/day onward. You need 2 traveldays for this route and this makes it also even more expensive as most normal tickets.

The usual route overland to GR is via ITaly, then ferry. Check seat61 for an /en/ overview of those routes starting LONdon-also via Germany.