not able to reserve in TGV-SCNF

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi Fellow interrailers. Hope someone can help, we are not able to book a only reservation ticket from Nimes to Bruxelles. It shows no price available and to try again or find alternate route. This is the best route we have but are not able to book via the website or app. 

Is there an alternate way to book the same route - maybe call TGV or some other option to do offline??


Thanks for the help


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2 replies

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If you are in France or Belgium at the moment, you may try it in a ticket office there.
I thought it is also possible on, but couldn’t find it… maybe someone else knows if it is possible there?

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Hi, we currently have an issue on our side that makes travellers not able to book a reservation for more than 1 person. We have a workaround which is explained here: I trust this helps. You can also go for alternative ways of booking like suggested already. Cheers,