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  • 28 September 2022
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Hey I have an Interrail GB pass,

first of all, of course, I have to come to great Britain from Hamburg i have been confirmed by staff and other sources that I can travel through France with this passport and use the Eurostar for my outward and return journey. The Interrail site which is the only one I can book my reservations on says "Not available for some travellers". what should I do? 


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If you have a UK Interrail pass you can only travel with the UK. Not in any other country and not on the Eurostar. You need to exchange your pass for a global pass that allows you to travel in all countries accepting Interrail passes.

All info saying otherwise is wrong.

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The information is clear on the Interrail website:


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If you have a single country pass you can only travel in that country. There are a few exceptions in German services across their borders, but not the UK #.

You will need to make your own way from home to the UK.

If you have a Global Pass then you can use that to travel from home via Eurostar, subject to the 2 days home use rule.

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I'm not sure where you received this information from, but all One Country passes are only valid for travel within the borders of the country in question. There are a few exceptions with the German pass. This is clearly stated in the general terms and conditions of the pass on this page. You can request an exchange by submitting a request to our customer service team here. You can refer to our refund and exchange policy for more information.