OBB NightJet Reservations - tickets available but reservations are not?

  • 24 March 2023
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Hello, I am trying to make a reservation for an OBB Nightjet Train from Basel SBB to Amsterdam Centraal with my eurail pass. On OBB’s site, the route is available if I click the option to purchase outright, but it is not available when I select a seat reservation only. I cannot find it on partner websites (eurail, b-europe) either… I am frustrated because I purchased the pass with the intention of using it to book some of these night trains. 

I can select the intercity train that I understand is connected for only a 3euro reservation, but I would prefer a couchette to sleep on my journey. Any guidance on how to work around? I have thought about purchasing the cheaper reservation and upgrading later, but I doubt that couchettes will be available day of. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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Hi, for Nightjet you don’t click on seat only option on, but one way ticket and Interrail/Eurail as Discount

The reservation for a seat cost 14 EUR*. Couchette or sleeper more.


*On this Nightjet service, the seats run as Intercity - so the nightjet have on the booking site no seats, you need to select the Intercity that runs at the same time of the Nightjet, reservation is optional for 3€ via ÖBB, 4,50€ via DB or 6€ + 2€ via bookable.

Thank you so much, Angelo, that is super helpful!