Oct 31st Milan-Zurich Trenitalia reservation

  • 31 August 2023
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Hi Everyone,

New here and embarking on a solo trip this October. Learned about the Gotthard tunnel delays and was wondering about the impact to my Milan-Zurich train on Oct 31st. From Zurich I have a sleeper to Hamburg with a 90-min connection time. 3 Q’s:

  1. I booked my ticket in May through Trenitalia (it was the lowest fare back then) so a deeply discounted fare. Will Trenitalia change my ticket free of charge, if I ask, as the tunnel blockage will likely mean my connection time will be reduced by 60 min now due to the re-routing? 
  2. On the Trenitalia website, when I check my ticket, it still shows the original arrival time. Does this mean that the train will still go and arrive as planned?
  3. Should I do nothing, and change the ticket if needed, on the day of?

thank you very much. :)


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Hi @yama777,

The direct international train will now take the scenic route across the mountains instead of the tunnel, resulting in 1 hour longer travel times. Which means that your journey will be affected and the train is cancelled according to the recent situation. For this reason, SBB (Swiss railway company) recommends catching a 1-hour earlier train from or to Zurich so as to not miss any further connecting trains.

If you purchased your ticket through Trenitalia, it's the best to contact their customer service team to find a feasible solution for your travel and reservation.

Have a nice day! :)

@Mukhammad thank you for your response. I’ve tried contacting Trenitalia…no response to email, chat is never available (I double checked I was chatting during the Italian hours), the only phone option is an international customer service number (I’m in US)

I’m thinking of just changing it on the day of (Oct 31) it being a low season time, shouldn’t be an issue getting a seat from Milan-Zurich, right?

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@yama777 I'm sorry to learn about the issue on contacting the railway company. I believe that you can still find a seat for the travel date on October 31, but please make sure you do it as soon as possible and by considering the travel disruption happens in the Gotthard tunnel. I'd also suggest you to check the timetable provided by SBB for more accurate information. 

In addition, you can find the further information about the travel disruption on