ÖBB Reservierungsrabatt

  • 22 July 2023
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Does the ÖBB Reservierungsrabatt 50% discount on reservations work for Eurail passes?

Does the discount work on night trains? or just the seat reservation component, not the couchette/sleeper fee

Does it work on Italian trains that can be booked on OBB website?


ÖBB Reservierungsrabatt

-50 % discount on seat reservations on long-distance trains.



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the ÖBB Reservierungsrabatt works like that:

- you need to have a ÖBB Jubel-Vorteilspackerl wich can't be purchased now. Only last may.

- you get only 50% on the reservations for trains with optional reservations (from 3€, you pay 1,50€).

-does not work on Nightjet or trains with compulsory reservations like Frecciarossa, TGV or others.