One Country Pass Germany valid for France?

  • 26 November 2023
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Can I book a train reservation to do a trip from Paris to Berlin with the One Country Pass (Germany)? Or should I pay the part of the trip in France ? 

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Are you talking about the night train ? This would complicate the way to book… probably someone else can help.

For a daytime train rules are easy : the pass is valid from the border point (in your case Kehl(Gr) or Forbach(Gr)). I’m not sure if SNCF offers tickets to border points (at counters only in any case) so the easy option is to book a ticket to the first stop after the border : Karlsruhe or Saarbrücken. Check prices both on and as they often differ : each company has its own quota of seats.

Now I remember for your situation there are also special Pass 1, 2, 3 tickets depending on which pass you’ve got. Looks like you’d need a Pass 3 ticket :

I don’t know its price so you should go ask at a SNCF ticket counter and then decide whichever option is best.